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MHS Foundation

Melbourne High School Foundation: Building a Brighter Future for MHS Students

The MHS Foundation is committed to supporting exceptional learning experiences at MHS.

As our School’s fundraising arm, the Foundation helps deliver innovative programs and facilities that are outside our current government funding. In this way, the Foundation plays a critical role in helping us achieve our vision of an education that is more than just marks.

Overseen by a Board of Directors, the Foundation is an independent, not-for-profit organisation that manages a suite of trusts and funds with charitable gift status. This structure allows our community to earn a tax deduction for donations towards scholarships, the arts and health promotion.  

The Foundation also helps the School raise funds for innovative infrastructure upgrades, and they deliver our Annual Tax Appeal, the School’s major fundraising event.

With the support of our community, the Foundation has become a vital pillar of assistance for Melbourne High School. Over the years, they have:

  • Provided scholarships to countless students whose families struggle to meet the basic costs of education
  • Purchased land at 669 Chapel St, which houses the new Centre for Higher Education Studies
  • Supported our young musicians through the purchase of pianos, double bases, Tattum Wallis Band uniforms, and drums
  • Helped purchase lighting and equipment for School productions
  • Renovated classrooms at the Castle on the Hill to bring them up to contemporary educational standards
  • Managed our speech night prizes, ensuring student excellence was recognised
  • Established innovative health and wellbeing programs addressing our students’ physical and emotional wellbeing.

To learn more about the Foundation or make a tax-deductible gift, visit the MHS Foundation website.  




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